Maserati & Ferrari Cars to hit Indian Roads Soon

The Italian auto giant Fiat and Tata Motors are in talk for a joint marketing project, to sell Ferrari and Maserati cars in India. In addition to this, they are working on further co-operation to add to the existing projects such as partnership to manufacture engines in India.

Ferrari Cars IndiaMr. Tata, who is also the Fiat director, told Italian Daily, La Stampa, "We have various projects, to take the Nano to Latin America together, to share platforms for new cars, we have projects for (Fiat lorry unit) Iveco and marketing Ferraris and Maseratis. We are talking about a lot of things."

Ferrari and Maserati are both renowned brands that are in Fiat's control. Tata Motors forayed in the luxury car business after acquiring the British brands Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.3 billion from the US automaker Ford last year.

On the other hand, Fiat and Tata are considering the Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car to be sold in Latin America, where Fiat has a strong presence. Brazil is Fiat's second-biggest market after Italy.

Maserati Cars IndiaTata Motor's small car, the Tata Nano has hit the roads this month and it is planning to export the car to Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Mr. Tata said "The Nano passed the European 'crash test' safety standard on Friday, allowing it to be sold in the Europe market and a launch is foreseen at the end of 2011."

The association between Fiat and Tata is going strong with products like cars, engines and gearboxes being manufactured together.