2010 Kia Sorento Shown in Frankfurt, Including Diesel Hybrid

While some early reviews of the 2010 Sorento have hit the web — check out Motor Trend’s thorough testing of a European model — Kia isn’t offering up much information about the U.S. version. However, we do have some images of the new SUV, which will seat seven with an optional third row, and come in four-cylinder and V-6 varieties.

The hybrid diesel concept, which was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel teamed with an electric motor and dual clutch transmission. Lithium-ion batteries are also part of the powerplant. Overall, the hybrid is 8% lighter than a standard Sorento, and there are aerodynamic under-floor panels to help with efficiency.

There’s little chance the diesel hybrid will hit the U.S., but it’s part of a new EcoDynamics range of hybrids, which will likely produce a typical hybrid version of the crossover at some point. Perhaps we’ll hear more at the Los Angeles auto show in December.